Episode 34: Essential Elements For Building High Converting Landing Pages With Tracy Repchuk

Tracy Repchuk Penelope interviews Internet Marketing and Social Media Strategist Tracy Repchuk.

Today, our guest will answer for you the "Essential Elements," the 'must have' elements you need in order to build "High Converting Landing Pages." 

Our guest is the #1 Woman Speaker in the World for Internet Marketing - Tracy Repchuk.

Tracy is a Bestselling Author, International Internet Marketing & Social Media for Business Speaker, Mentor and Strategist. 

Tracy walks you through one of her own landing pages, taking you step-by-step explaining precisely what elements you must include and why - that results in her converting at extraordinary levels that exceed the national average for landing page conversion by over 27X's. 

Tracy shares very openly and packs a wealth of information in this interview. 

To further your education to create your internet marketing business, Tracy's latest edition of: "31 Days To Millionaire Marketing Miracle$" is available on Amazon.

Enjoy our guest, International Speaker, Mentor, Strategist & Bestselling Author - 
Tracy Repchuk

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