FMG's Featured New Artist of the Month VASSY!

VASSYEach month FMG Network will be choosing an out standing new artist to feature in the FMG TV, FMG Radio and FMG Magazine. Our goal is to bring attention to these deserving artist, to further develop their careers, launch albums and build loyal, loving fans!

For the month of August, we will be sharing with you interviews, music and videos from an amazing artist, VASSY! Vassy is a Greek/Australian beauty with the soulful voice inspired by Billie Holiday. She is a singer/songwriter already making her mark on the world, with her uplifting, get up and shake your booty, music in popular TV shows. featured films and unforgettable commercials!

Listen to interview with VASSY on the Jody Show, and read about her on FMG Magazine.

Out Standing Women Coming to FMG Radio!

out standing women on fmg
Announcing new partner channel! FMG Radio and Outstanding Women Speakers, have partnered up for a Women's Channel in FMG Radio and TV called "Outstanding Women". Featuring the outstanding women from past and present, shared through stories, TV and Radio programs. Keeping with our theme; life balancing media, helping you to have fun, make money and do good. Coming Soon!

New Show: The Penelope Cox Show


We're excited to welcome Penelope Cox and the Penelope Cox Show to the FMG Radio Network! 
Penelope has combined 20 years of corporate marketing expertise with her interviewing skills, and created an interview talk show that connects her audience to the premier educators teaching digital marketing today.

Listen to the latest episodes on the Penelope Cox Show here

New Show: Lady Bug Jane Show With Jane Graves

Lady Bug Jane Banner

We're excited to welcome Jane Graves and the Lady Bug Jane Show to the FMG Radio Network! This is a great show for the kids, providing an entertaining and educational look at the world through the eyes of a bug. This show teaches our kids to care for our environment and be knowledgeable what products are best to use to help keep our world green and safe from toxins.

Listen to the latest episodes on Lady Bug Jane here

New Show: Holistic Health Show With Carl O. Helvie

holistic health show banner
Be sure to listen in to Carl O Helvie's new show on the FMG Radio Network: The Holistic Health Show!  

In this bi-weekly hour talk radio show, Carl interviews leaders in the health industry.  

You will hear from people that have over-come chronic illnesses.  

In addition, Carl shares amazing facts, info and resources on how to take care of your health naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical medications.

Carl's first episode was with two amazing women, Annette Tersigni, the Yoga Nurse, and Joan Grobb Augustino, a diabetic sufferer (read their bios), in an episode titled "Does Yoga Have a Role in Diabetes?".


Rapping Professor on a 10 Week Tour of North and South America

Rapping ProfessorFMG Radio's, the Rapping Professor is at this very moment traveling around the globe, gathering content for his upcoming shows.

Matthew Bloomfield, AKA The Rapping Professor, started his journey from Bali, flew to the US, then to Canada, then Machu Picchu and last we heard, he was in Bolivia.

We're all very excited to hear about his travels, as he visits some of the most sacred places in the world.

No doubt he will come back with all sorts of new raps to share with us! Stay tuned!!!

Maryon's Campaign to Ban Legal Highs

Hester StewartMaryon Stewart has been campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers of "legal highs" for the last year since her 21 year old daughter Hester (pictured left), a medical student, passed away after being given half a dose of a substance called GBL.

Despite getting this and a number of other substances banned Maryon has come to realize that for every ban, there are dozens more so called "legal highs" placed on the market by money hungry chemists in China. It's become a multi million pound industry from the sales to children as young as 12. Side effects range from severe nose bleeds, depression, paranoia to bladder incontinence, coma and, in some cases, even death.

More Information

FMG Radio Show Host Running For Parliament

Kirsten HasbergFMG Radio Network is so proud of Kirsten Hasberg, the host of the upcoming show on the Conscious Voices Channel, Energy Democracy Radio.

Kirsten is a Parliamentary Candidate at Kristendemokraterne in Denmark, campaigning for a society based on 100 % renewable, decentral energy.

Kisten is living her passion as an innovative entrepreneur specialized in energy policy. She flourishes when being in the spotlight to spread her vision of a society based on 100 % decentral, renewable energy. She holds a Masters' degree in Economics from Copenhagen, and is educated in the field of environmental and energy economics and sustainable energy planning from the University of Copenhagen and from Aalborg University, Humboldt University of Berlin and London School of Economics.

Our Latest Partner Channel - Boomer Living

Boomer ChannelFMG TV/Radio Network and Boomer Living, Doug Fitzgerald's Company, are proud to announce that they will work together to develop and produce a variety of TV and Radio projects for an all new Boomer Channel, as well as content for other platforms including FMG's digital property, FMG TV, FMG Radio, FMG Publishing, FMG Magazine and

The Boomer TV and Radio shows are designed to provide entertainment, education and advice to fulfill your potential in living a happier and more satisfying life. Jody Colvard, Founder of the FMG Network said, "We are thrilled to be working with Boomer-Living, and look forward to continuous success in providing quality, nurishing content to the Boomer generation.

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