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Dr. Deana Murphy, Owner of LivingDesigns Unlimitied, LLC


Dr. Deana MurphyDr. Deana Murphy was trained as an interior designer and eventually changed her business to life design. She is the owner of LivingDesigns Unlimitied, LLC and defines her life's work as that of unleashing the power and potential in others in order to help her client's develop their self-leadership capabilities for the greater good.

Her clients are corporate organizations, faith-based organizations, universities, high-achieving women of faith and a few insightful men. Her vision is to help others tap into their inner power to discover the answers they need to create a brilliant reality lifestyle story that reflects their truest self, authentic values, deepest desires, and genuine integrity.

She is the author of the award winning book, 'Designing for the King: From Chaos to Order by Designing Within' and 'Designing my Awesome Personal Future,' and "My Vision Board on the Go.'

She has appeared in O Magazine, HGTV, and was on the cover of 'Exceptional People Magazine. She is also a speaker, media personality, and the founder of Global Women Design Institute.

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