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Angie and Sylvie of Sisterhood of Reinvention


Angie and Sylvie

Once upon a time... (as all great stories begin) there was a warrior woman named Sylvie. She had shiny raven hair and a heart of gold. Every life she touched almost magically became better.  She lived with her wonderful, princely husband, Ken of Fort Frances, and her beautiful children.  She was spending her days and nights working on an online course in holistic health. In connecting with other students, she happened upon Angie (brown) Rice.

Angie lived a mere 7 hours away from Sylvie, which made them relatively close (when compared to the other students who lived in California, New York, Lichtenstein...you get the picture).  Angie was a quiet warrior woman with unruly red hair and a knowing in her heart that she was meant to somehow help others heal from the inside out.  She lived happily with her charming husband, Justin the strong, and her handsome son. Instantly, these two women felt a strong connection to one another.  

It didn't take long before Sylvie and Angie were having daily Skype chats and sharing the details of their lives.  They became very special friends, the kind you don't come across nearly often enough. They could tell one another anything, honestly critique an idea in a loving way, encourage, support and challenge one another to face fears and make things happen.  This was a safe place where they could both be themselves, where they could freely entertain their dreams in a way that made them feel possible, without the judgment and skepticism of close friends and family that budding entrepreneurs usually experience.  

As they were each developing a health coaching business, they took several group programs together, gaining more clarity, strength, knowledge and confidence.  While there were ups, there were also a lot of downs. They felt so lucky to have one another..  They wondered, "Where would we be without each other?  How do these other coaches do it?"  They began to see how truly special their friendship was, and how this "sisterhood" might just be the missing link --the honesty, openness, support and stretch of a close-knit group--to empower talented, creative women to achieve the lives of their dreams. 

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