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Lorna Owens, Founder and Managing Director of Footprints Foundation; a Non-Profit Organization in Democratic Republic of Congo


Lorna OwensLorna Owens is the founder and managing director of Footprints Foundation; a non-profit organization aimed at saving the lives of women in Democratic Republic of Congo who have been victimized by gang rape, by providing medical care, education, and empowerment. 

She is an Attorney, host of 'AND THE WOMEN GATHER TALKSHOW' on Teleamerica Channel 88 Comcast, Gender Expert, International Speaker, Executive/ Life Coach and Author who travels the World teaching the Art and Science of Success to Women's Groups and organizations. 

She has appeared on NBC, TBN, TRU TV and TV in Jamaica, Cayman Island and Bermuda. The Miami Herald called her a Pioneer and the Mother of Reinvention and Advance for Nurses says she wows her Audiences. Lorna Owens is also a former Registered Nurse as well as a Midwife.

Helping others is in Lorna Owens' DNA. "I grew up in a family where you did for others" says Owens. It is no wonder Owens became a Registered Nurse and Midwife. After many years as a nurse, Owens became a lawyer; working first as a Miami Dade County Prosecutor then finally opening her own law practice in the area of criminal and entertainment law. Owens also does legal analysis for the Nancy Grace show HLN as well TRU TV In Session.

Several years into her practice Owens became concerned about the rate at which women were going to jail so Owens on her own time and with her own money started working in the jails with the women in a program she called Women Behind Bars. Here she taught the women they could become somebody no matter what their circumstances. 10 YEARS ago she looked around and saw professional women getting burnt out at a rapid rate. She formed 'And the Women Gather Women's Institute' to teach women that they can lead a successful balanced life.

Two years ago she was watching CNN and saw Anderson Cooper's piece called 'Rape as a Weapon of War.' It told the story of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and showed how over 2 million women were the victims of gang rapes and as a result had developed fistulas causing them to leak urine and feces. She cried and cried but true to form she decided to do something about it. She formed a Non Profit called Footprints Foundation. "The idea is that we will be saving women's lives one little footprint at a time".

Her AMAZING Book EVERYDAY GRACE EVERY MIRACLE, set in Jamaica, tells life changing stories of men and women and her third book a legal thriller THE LADY LAWYER will be out next year.

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