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Episode Eleven: Healthy Teeth for a Lifetime with Dr. Alex Shvartsman - Part One


Dr. Alex Shvartsman



Dr. Diane MD interviews Dr. Alex Shvartsman
in this One of Two Part Series on Healthy Teeth.

Welcome to Health Talk With Dr. Diane MD.!

Holistic dentist, Dr. Alex Shvartsman, teaches tips and strategies to help keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Dr. Alex Shvartsman is a top graduate of SUNY at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. During residency he was appointed Chief Dental Resident. In addition, he has completed a two-year Fellowship in Dental Implants and Advanced Dental Prosthodontics and has taught implant dentistry at NSUH at Manhasset until his practice relocation in 2005 to Smithtown, Long Island, NY . He is a nationally recognized lecturer on implant and restorative dentistry practices. He is the author or the book 'Your Path to Healthier Dentistry: A Holistic Approach to Keeping Your Teeth for a Lifetime.'

Enjoy the Show!

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