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About Host
Tonya Hofmann

Tonya HofmannLook in the dictionary under “well-connected marketers” and you will discover Tonya Hofmann.

Being well-connected is a side benefit of her years of experience in retail sales, training, owning business networking organizations, government to small business website and software development solutions, private/public sector consulting and founder of the Public Speakers Association. Tonya’s effervescence comes from a genuine love of people and intense drive to help them achieve their potential.

Tonya believes in showing her audiences throughout the world how to develop such areas as unique brands, multiple income streams throughout their business, sales and networking, speaking for marketing and leveraged connections. She gives her audience new ideas that will help them transform their bottom line to grow and explode their business immediately following the presentation! “I don’t just talk it, I help you walk it!” is not just a slogan but a code of conduct and ethics. Each presentation is designed to give her audience the maximum exposure to the ideas and formulas that anyone can turn around and implement.

Tonya Hofmann, is an international speaker, host of the “Change Your World” Radio Show, author of 2 books: “A Client A Day The Coffee Shop Way!” and “Change Your World”, The Coaches’ Coach, profit strategist, corporate and entrepreneurial educator, CEO and founder of the Public Speakers Association, winner of the International eWomenNetwork conference 2008 Business Matchmaker of the Year Award, nominated for the upcoming 2014 Global Connector of the Year Award for the Sales Strategy Summit, nominated for the Most Connected Person in Dallas by the Small Business Conference, and nominated for the Austin’s Business Journal’s Profiles in Power! Her focus has always been to help business professionals become more successful in Sales, Marketing and How to Stand Out from Their Competition!

Website: TonyaHofmann.com
Website: PublicSpeakersAssociation.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/TonyaHofmann
Twitter: Twitter.com/TonyaHofmann
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/TonyaHofmann

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