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Marjorie Rothstein

Marjorie RothsteinLiving the 5-Star Life, on a budget, Marjorie is a boomer consumer expert and spa trends specialist focused on wellness. As a fine living connoisseur, she has her finger on the pulse of new aging breakthroughs, including vibrant health and radiant beauty. She believes that the real health care of the future will be preventative self-care.

Marjorie will keep you posted on what’s hot and what’s not, and help you to discover how to live your best life now. Follow her from luxury resorts to simple pleasures. She’ll give you insider tips to pamper yourself for less, while being guilt-less. Marjorie firmly believes that visiting a spa and being “treated” is not self-indulgent, rather it is pleasurable investment in yourself. Her credo as the quintessential Boomerbabe is :”The rest of your life can be the best of your life.”

With a fine arts degree from New York University, Marjorie embarked on her career as a sculptor. She had her time in the limelight creating solo exhibitions, having group shows, and selling her work to collectors. Yet after spending years in the studio, chiseling stone and operating power tools, she realized that working in a dust cloud with pneumatic air chisels and Makita angle grinders was not a long term proposition.

She attended the UCLA Interior and Environmental Design Program, and got lucky with her first gig out of school working for an A-list designer. Scoring a ‘drive on’ at the Twentieth Century-Fox lot, she decorated the office of the CEO. It was here that she learned about the good life. Living the 5-Star Life on an artist’s budget was no simple feat. (She knew that climbing the ladder of corporate success was not in the cards for her.) Thus began her search for creating ‘the art of living well’, and inspiring others, no matter what your income.

After years of design, and a proclivity for being a professional student and shopping bag schlepper, Marjorie polished her fine living and residential design skills.

While hanging out in the West Hollywood Pacific Design Center she met a starving author who was making ends meet as a reporter – by going to Celeb events and eating free gourmet food. Whilst attending these galas (as his arm piece), she had an epiphany that she could be a writer, too. (It wasn’t for the free food, she was always watching her waistline!) Instead of celebrities and food, her area of expertise became lifestyle and travel.

Raised in Kings Point, Long Island, Marjorie is alive and well, and living in Los Angeles. While searching for the fountain of youth, she can probably be found at a spa near you getting slathered with some secret elixir.

Website: the5starlife.com
Website: theboomerbabe.com
Blog: beauty4thesoul.blogspot.com
Facebook: facebook.com/5StarInteriorDesign
Twitter: twitter.com/the5starlife

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